TikTok Downloader

Our Web-App TTDownloader allows you to download your favorite TikTok videos as MP4, GIF, or MP3 files without installing the TikTok App. You are also able to choose if you download the videos (only for MP4 and GIF) with or without the TikTok Watermark. Using our Web-App is free and does not require any registrations or installations of any apps or software. Our Web-App is mobile optimized and can be used on any device.

To download a TikTok video, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit TikTok.com and search for a video you would like to download.
  2. Copy the video URL. On a desktop device, you can simply copy the URL from your browser address bar (the video must be playing to get the correct URL). If you are on a tablet or mobile device, just click the arrow on the video, which is located in the bottom right corner. After you click the arrow, a small popup will open. Just click on "Copy link," and you will have the video URL. This will also work for desktop devices.
  3. Paste the video URL in our downloader.
  4. Select the preferred format to download the video. You can select between MP4 (with or without watermark), GIF (with or without watermark), and MP3. The GIF format is only supported for a maximum video length of 30 seconds; otherwise, you will get an error. If you do not select any format, the video will be downloaded as an MP4 (without watermark) by default.
  5. Once you have selected the format, start the conversion by clicking the "Convert" button. The conversion will start immediately and may take a while depending on the length of the video. When the conversion is finished, you will see a "Download" button. Simply click on that button, and the download will start.

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